Review: Safety at Disney Springs during COVID-19

What is being done to keep guests safe during the global pandemic with cases on the rise in Central Florida?

A little over one month after Disney Springs reopened to guests, Coronavirus cases have skyrocketed in Florida. All four Walt Disney World parks are scheduled to reopen in the coming weeks despite this unexpected spike.

We visited Disney Springs today to experience first hand what is being implemented to prevent further spread and keep you safe:

Temperature Checks: Upon entering the shopping district, guests are required to have a temperature screening. We parked in the Orange garage, and our temperatures were taken by a third party medical provider before we even exited the garage.

Masks: Masks are strictly enforced throughout the entire premises of Disney Springs. We did not notice any guests disobeying the new rule. A couple of Storm Troopers even noticed that no one's face is visible (see below).

Sanitizer Stations: Nearly every store we entered throughout the day had hand sanitizer stations immediately upon entry. Beware of the station outside Earl of Sandwich. Our hands are still sticky.

Limited Capacity: While it seemed to be light crowds, we still noticed that each store had a Cast Member counting the number of guests entering. We have seen photos of re-opening day at World of Disney (with an alleged 6 hour wait), but we did not experience this at all. Throughout the day, we were never in any situations where we were forced to be within 6 feet of another party.

Overall, we felt incredibly safe throughout the duration of our visit. Due to the fact that it was less crowded, we worry our experience may have been different on a busier day. For this, we have docked 1 point from an overall problem-free day.

Safety Score: 9/10